Health & Safety

Health and Safety


J1 Brickwork's policy is to achieve and maintain a safe and healthy work environment for their employees, contractors and all others who may be affected by the Company’s operations in accordance with The Health & Safety at Work Act 1974.


The promotion and preservation of safety and health, the control of pollution and the protection of the environment are of fundamental importance in the conduct of J1 Brickwork's operations.


We maintain and improve a good record of safe and responsible activity by careful planning, organisation, monitoring, control, training and the application of the best trade practices and codes of conduct. The risks to employees, contractors and all others who may be affected by the activities of J1 Brickwork will be assessed; assessments reviewed as required and arrangements made to eliminate or control such risks. This will be achieved by consultation, providing health surveillance as may be required, arranging for competent health and safety advice, instituting procedures to be followed in the event of imminent and serious danger, and identifying danger areas.

Construction Health and Safety Scheme (CHAS)


J1 Brickwork has CHAS accreditation. CHAS is the Construction Health and Safety Scheme and association with CHAS is a company's guarantee that J1 Brickwork fully comply with all relevant legislation in connection with Health and Safety in the construction industry.

Principle Purpose of CHAS:


The prime purpose of CHAS really is to eliminate duplication of work. CHAS has already tested J1 Brickwork and can confirm to any prospective customer that we take health and safety very seriously. That prospective client does not then have to confirm by way of questionnaire or other means, that we meet all of their own specific safety requirements, as CHAS accreditation is confirmation of this in itself.

CHAS Areas of Assessment:

  • Health and Safety policy statement covering all relevant areas of legislation. Our policy statement can be downloaded by clicking here
  • Our organisation for health and safety
  • Our specific health and safety arrangements to a standard accessible to our buyers and to others.

For further reading with regard to CHAS and what it means for you, please go to

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