Social Distancing Spit / Sneeze Screens

Coronavirus - Covid - 19 Spit / Sneeze Screens


Our policy is to achieve and maintain a safe and healthy work environment for all employees, contractors and all others who may be affected by the current pandemic, namely Covid - 19 caused by the novel coronavirus.


The threat of Covid - 19 will not pass quickly but of course business and the economy needs to return to as close to normal as soon as possible.  

In order for this to happen and to assist the need for ongoing social distancing, we have developed a range of spit / sneeze guards that can be used in offices, reception areas, check outs, small shops, etc., etc. 

In essence, any establishment that has customer facing staff need to keep their staff safe and our range of spit / sneeze guards will assist greatly in doing this making both your staff and your customers feel safe.



Our spit / sneeze guards or screens can be mechanically fixed to the rear of the desk with a chrome bracket (supplied) or we can create bespoke options involving metal or wooden bases and frames.  

We can produce the perfect screen, retro fitted. for your installation.

Unlike other manufacturers, we are now recommending the use of 6mm toughened glass rather than 1.5mm perspex most commonly used by other manufacturers.These flimsy perspex spit / sneeze guards will easily:

break when leaned on;

scratch when cleaned with anything abrasive;

stain so cannot be used in many settings

Our toughened glass spit / sneeze guards do not have any of these issues.  For more information, please get in touch with us today on 01206 855174!